Introductory Videos

An Introduction is a way for you to bring your personality into the course while relaying important information to your students. These videos are best when kept between 3-4 minutes. Feedback from students reveals that an Introduction helps them to create a more human connection with their instructors.

There are two primary types of Introductions, with the first being a Faculty Profile introduction. These videos cover personal information about you and allow you to discuss your educational and professional backgrounds, family life, and why you enjoy teaching the course.

You may also opt to do a Content Introduction for either the course as a whole or its individual modules. The course intro presents an overview of what students can expect during the semester such as general course topics, policies, grading rubrics, and communication methods. The module intro is intended to highlight module objectives, remind students of deadlines, and give the instructor a constant presence throughout the course. These videos are typically done in a series, with one video addressing specific issues for each module.

Tips for Personal Introduction Videos

  • Keep videos between 3-7 minutes. Check the runtime by reading your script out loud while timing yourself. A general rule of thumb is between 400-800 words max.
  • Write your script fully and avoid ad-libbing. A finished script makes you appear more polished on-camera. It will also make the captioning process much easier after the video is completed!
  • Use short, simple phrases for your intro. A video-friendly script is easier to read on a teleprompter.
  • Be yourself. This is your chance to let your personality shine through.
  • Providing personal photos or videos is encouraged.
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