The Media Cooperative

The Media Cooperative, a partnership between the Office of Online Learning and the Center for Teaching and Learning, provides video, audio, and animation production services to create professional-quality instructional content at UGA. Our team will work alongside you through the entire process; you do not need to be an expert in production to create compelling instructional content.

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It all begins in the conceptual stages of your project, as we help you understand what is possible, help you write and edit your script, and work with you to storyboard your content.  


We use cutting-edge audio and video equipment to record both in-studio and on-location, allowing us to capture the aesthetically pleasing content that addresses your project’s needs. We will handle everything behind the scenes as we work with you in-studio, in your work setting, and in the field, whether that is in the Special Collections Archives or a forest in South Carolina.  Our team will also create graphics and animations to support the learning goals you have for your students.


We will seamlessly blend audio and video together with graphics, animations, overlays, and background elements (just like TV weather reporters use!) to produce the content your students need for the most effective and engaging learning.

You are involved in every step of the approval process for the content, and will use our intuitive set of tools to give us feedback and shape what we produce for you. We can remove most of the “um”s, color correct, and perform minor feats of audio and video magic with your guidance.

Let’s Get Started!

On the menu to the left, you can find some options of content we can help produce. If you would like to work on any of these or have a different great project in mind, please fill out the following production request form:

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