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MLC 101

Required for all new teaching and laboratory assistants with instructional contact with undergraduates during the 2015-2016 academic year, TA Orientation provides essential information about teaching at UGA and making the most of your first few weeks of teaching as well as introduces the resources available to GTAs and GLAs in their instructional roles. Experienced TAs, lecturers, post-docs, and faculty are welcome to attend as well. Details

Event Type: Graduate Teaching Assistant Workshops


Room 271, Russell Special Collections Library

What can instructors do to facilitate learning when they encounter students who seem uninterested and even apathetic toward course content and assignments? Part of the responsibility for learning belongs to students, but as faculty, we can find new ways to motivate, inspire, and maybe even cajole students to learn. In this workshop we will explore how instructors can make classroom learning, perhaps one of the most artificial learning settings, a more meaningful experience for students. The workshop facilitator will use theories of learning and motivation as a basis for creating strategies to increase student engagement in course content and class sessions. Details

Event Type: Pedagogy Workshops, Speaker Series

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