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MLC 250

Tiffany Washington, an assistant professor in the University of Georgia School of Social Work received the 2017 UGA Service-Learning Research Award and the 2016 UGA Creative Teaching Award. The focus of Washington’s Award Winning Faculty Series talk will be the ways in which faculty can connect their in-class teaching to their larger research agenda. Focusing on her own pedagogical practice, Washington will highlight experiential learning techniques and share from her own pedagogical practice, including students’ feedback. Details

Event Type: New Faculty Workshops, Pedagogy & Practice Workshops, Speaker Series, Special Events, TA Services and Programs


MLC 372

“Signature” or “key” assignments can be used for program-level assessment to reveal students’ disciplinary knowledge in which programs can use to inform their overall programmatic design. In this workshop we will discuss how to create a signature assignment aligned with program learning outcomes, how to collect student work from multiple course sections and/or instructors, and how to use the results to help students improve their skills and content knowledge. Details

Event Type: Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

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