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MLC 372

As instructors, we want our students to participate in the class and their own learning but often struggle with the best means to recognize and grade student participation: Is it attendance? Is it simply about speaking up in a discussion? Is it about quality vs quantity (and how do we grade that!)? Can students truly contribute to the class and their own learning if they are not talking during discussions? These are some of the questions our panel of faculty experts will address along with discussions of their own methods for encouraging, recognizing, and grading undergraduate student participation Details

Event Type: New Faculty Workshops, Pedagogy & Practice Workshops, TA Services and Programs


North Instructional Plaza, M.A.L.L.

Teaching Philosophy Statements (TPS) are living documents that allow instructors to reflect on their teaching and share with others their conceptualization of teaching and learning. Teaching philosophy statements may be a required component of a job application for teaching positions, whether as a stand-alone document or as part of a teaching portfolio. In this first of the two part workshop, we will discuss the purpose of a TPS and typical components to include. We will also engage in activities to help you start writing your teaching philosophy. Details

Event Type: Pedagogy & Practice Workshops, TA Services and Programs

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Call for Proposals - CTL Learning Technologies Grants Program FY19

The Center for Teaching and Learning is accepting proposals the 2018-2019 Learning Technologies Grants Program. The purpose of the Learning Technologies Grants (LTG) program is to enhance teaching and learning at the University of Georgia through the innovative use of technology. This program supports exploration and evaluation of new teaching methods. This year, projects must employ the use of active learning and/or open educational resources. The deadline for FY17 LTG proposals is Friday, April 13, 2018, and awards will be announced in late June. Funds will be available after July 1.

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