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S175 Coverdell

Biology education researchers have documented persistent scientifically inaccurate ideas, often termed misconceptions, among biology students. Additionally, cognitive psychologists have described intuitive conceptual systems – teleological, essentialist, and anthropocentric thinking – that humans use to reason about biology. We have hypothesized that seemingly unrelated biological misconceptions may have common origins in these intuitive ways of knowing. Research results have revealed the presence of both misconceptions and construal-based reasoning among both undergraduate Biology Majors and Non-Biology Majors. Strikingly, the frequency of construal-based reasoning predicted misconception agreement more strongly among Biology Majors than Non-Biology Majors. These findings support the hypothesis that biological misconceptions may indeed have origins in intuitive ways of knowing. Moreover, they raise the intriguing possibility that university-level biology education may reify construal-based thinking and related misconceptions. Details

Event Type: Pedagogy & Practice Workshops, Speaker Series

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