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Teaching excellence is at the forefront of the University of Georgia’s priorities, and is core to the Center for Teaching and Learning’s mission.  The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is tasked with supporting the current and future teaching-related efforts of graduate students across campus. Broadly speaking, UGA’s TA policy requires that all graduate students with instructional roles receive support and training prior to and/or concurrent with engaging students in an instructional capacity.

TA Policy At-A-Glance

All UGA TAs must:

  1. Complete the CTL's TA Orientation training modules; AND
  2. Successfully complete GRSC 7770 (Intro to College Teaching) or an approved departmental equivalent.

International students must also:

      3. Demonstrate English language proficiency

Graduate students may also serve as Instructors of Record (IoRs). To do so they must also meet the requirements laid out in UGA’s policy for IoR credentialing.

See the full UGA TA Policy (PDF) statement for more details.

This interdisciplinary orientation provides general preparation for graduate students with instructional responsibilities, including an overview of policies and procedures pertinent to the TA role, an introduction to effective teaching strategies and practices, and exposure to services and resources available across campus that offer support for individuals engaged in teaching and learning endeavors at UGA.

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GRSC 7770 is a 1 to 3 credit course providing TAs with knowledge of pedagogical approaches, relevant UGA policies, and available support systems. As per TA Policy, all graduate students with instructional duties must complete GRSC 7770 (or an approved departmental equivalent) prior to or concurrently with their first TAship.
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To hold a TAship at UGA, international students must follow country-specific requirements as determined by the Graduate School to demonstrate English proficiency. UGA is committed to providing training for international students who do not meet minimum requirements. 

International students who have completed a four-year undergraduate degree at an accredited institution in a country where English is the primary language (as recognized by the Graduate School) no more than four years prior to beginning your degree at UGA are exempt from this requirement.

Use the charts in our Guide to Demonstrating English Language Proficiency (PDF), revised Spring 2024 for implementation in the Fall 2024 admissions cycle, to determine your next steps for holding a TAship or IoR position at UGA. The current guide (PDF) will remain in effectfor currently enrolled students until June 30, 2024.

In order for graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) or graduate laboratory assistants (GLAs) to teach as Instructors of Record, they must both fulfill UGA’s TA policy requirements and adhere to UGA’s Instructor of Record credentialing policy. With the exception of GRSC 7770 and approved equivalents (LLED 7768, WIP 7001, and PHYS 7111/2-L), GTAs and GLAs are not approved to be instructors of record or grade assignments for graduate course sections, including course sections that are split-level with an undergraduate course.
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For more information about TA Policy, please contact us via gradteach@uga.edu.

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