Graduate Student Services

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Welcome graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to teaching at the University of Georgia! This website is designed to provide you with resources and information to help you be successful in your current and future teaching roles. Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars can have a variety of teaching roles at UGA including, teaching assistant, laboratory assistants, graders, and instructors of record. For consistency we will be using Teaching Assistant (TA) to encompass all roles you may have in teaching at UGA. 

As TAs, you play a particularly important role in teaching at UGA. Here at the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), our primary goal is to support you in successfully fulfilling this role.

GradTeach Newsletter and Listserv

Stay up-to-date with monthly e-newsletters and timely reminders, with information curated just for you.  Follow this link to sign up for our GradTeach newsletter and listserv.

Teaching Assistant Training and Resources

The Center for Teaching and Learning runs an annual TA Orientation and coordinates campus-wide offerings of UGA's TA training course (GRSC 7770). We also facilitate regular workshops and TA Cafés to support the work of TAs across campus. Explore our site to find our latest TA Handbook and other resources for TAs and graduate student instructors.

Future Faculty Fellows

The Future Faculty Fellows Program (3FP) is a year-long professional development program that brings together 15 innovative and dedicated teaching assistants from across campus to talk about, reflect upon, and improve their teaching, while preparing them for the academic job market and the rigors of their first faculty positions. This program is sponsored jointly by the Graduate School and the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Teaching Awards and Recognition

The Center for Teaching and Learning coordinates two graduate student teaching awards, and offers a GradTeach transcript to recognize the teaching professional development efforts of graduate students at UGA. The Outstanding TA Award recognizes teaching assisttants who demonstrate superior teaching skills. The Excellence in Teaching Award, sponsored by the Graduate School, is UGA’s top teaching award and recognizes teaching assistants who contribute to teaching at UGA beyond their own assigned classroom responsibilities.

Regular Programming and Services

The Center for Teaching and Learning offers teaching development workshops for graduate students and facilitates TA Cafés as opportunities for graduate students to come together and discuss issues relevant to their work as TAs. Graduate students are also encouraged to request teaching observations and mid-semester formative evaluations (MSFEs), and to connect with us for consultations on teaching as well as teaching-related job market materials development (such as your teaching portfolio and/or teaching statement).


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