New Semester Tips

Preparing for the new semester? This list of frequently asked questions and the answers will help get you started.

1. Where are my courses?

Courses are created each semester based on the data in Athena. To see your courses, log in to and check the My Courses widget on your My Home page. If you have access to more than 25 courses, you will have to do a search: Leave the My Courses widget search bar blank, and click the magnifying glass. Then choose the semester from the drop-down. Once you click on a course from the search results, it will show up in your My Courses widget as a recently-accessed course. If you still do not see your course, please complete the instructor access request form.

2. Can I teach multiple course sections from one eLC course?

Course sections that are taught at the same time, in the same location, by the same instructor of record should be combined automatically. You and your students will see just one course in your My Courses widget. Course sections taught at different times can also be grouped together in eLC - please complete the request form to group course sections together.

3. How do I add students to my course?

Students are automatically added to and dropped from your courses each night based on Athena data. It is not necessary to manually add students to your courses. The Registrar prefers that all student enrollments come from Athena.

4. When will students see my course?

By default, courses are available to students the day before classes begin through 10 days after grades are due. You can change these dates by clicking on Course Offering Information in the Course Administration widget.

5. How can I view my course as a student?

Most course homepages include the Role Switch widget. Under current role, select Student then click Change Role. When you are finished viewing your course as a student, go to the course homepage, and in the Role Switch widget, select Instructor and click Change Role. Using the Role Switch does not allow you to submit Assignments or Quizzes.

Each instructor of record also has access to a special Demo Student eLC account which can be added to any course as a student. You can then log in to eLC as your Demo Student to test course tools from the student perspective. Read more about using your Demo Student eLC account.

6. How do I add a co-instructor or TA to my course?

Instructors can add other instructors and teaching assistants to their courses. See step-by-step directions for adding users and descriptions of each role.

7. How do I add my syllabus and other content?

Watch this short video for the steps to upload your syllabus and other content.

8. Can I reuse content from a previous semester?

Yes! Visit this page to learn how you can copy content from previous courses.

Note:  If you used the Announcements tool in your previous course, and you haven't put end dates on your Announcements, make sure that you do not copy news items into your new course. (This means you will need to choose "Select Components" when copying your course content, and make sure that Announcements is not checked.) Old news items that are copied into a new course will send notifications out to students when they are copied. To avoid this, make sure to add end dates when creating announcements in your eLC courses.

9. How do I set up my gradebook?

It is very helpful to set up your entire gradebook before entering any grades. There are multiple resources available about grades on our Assessments and Grading page.

10. What if I need help with eLC?

There are a number of resources available. If you would like to browse the CTL web site, start on the eLC Faculty Support page.  You may also want to attend a workshop or drop-in work session. If you prefer to speak with a consultant, please see the list of support contacts, which includes contact information for consultants at CTL, EITS, your College or School, and the 24x7x365 D2L Online Help Center.