2018 - Open Educational Resources

Co-funded by the Office of the Vice President for Instruction and the Center for Teaching and Learning, the focus for the 2018 cohort of the CTL Fellows for Innovative Teaching is scaling the implementation of Open Educational Resources (OERs) across campus.  The activities for this program began in March 2018 and conclude in December 2018.  Questions regarding this program should be directed to Megan Mittelstadt, Director of CTL.


The goals of the 2018 CTL Fellows for Innovative Teaching include the following:

  • To support high-impact OER projects, including the adoption, adaptation, and/or creation of Open Textbooks, Open Courseware, and/or other Open Educational Resources more broadly in participants’ departments and/or across departments;
  • To provide funding ($5,000) to support instructional innovation around OERs;
  • To provide coaching for course re-design based on evidence-based pedagogy;
  • To further integrate what research tells us about how people learn in key courses at the University; and
  • To reinforce an instructional environment that honors and recognizes dedicated teaching scholars and promotes a learning-community spirit on a large campus.

Program Overview

The 2018 CTL Fellows for Innovative Teaching  will include the following activities and events:

  • March 20 - participation in the UGA Affordable Learning Institute (8:15am-1:30pm) and cohort kickoff meeting (4:00-5:00pm)
  • April - cohort meeting based on participants’ schedules
  • May - day-long cohort meeting based on participants’ schedules 
  • June-August - Consultation as needed
  • September-November - Monthly cohort meetings based on participants’ schedules
  • December - Final meeting

Attendance of additional workshops and conferences around OERs will also be encouraged.

2018 CTL Fellows for Innovative Teaching 

Norris Armstrong, Genetics

Joel Caughran, Chemistry

Jonathan Dees, Plant Biology

Lindsey Harding, Writing Intensive Program

Siddharth Savadatti, Engineering

John Weatherford, New Media Institute

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