Turning Point for Students

TurningPoint is a student engagement system that allows your instructor to ask questions, take polls, give quizzes, and get feedback from students during class. TurningPoint has a clicker device and a bring-your-own-device system called ResponseWare. With ResponseWare,  you can use any web-enabled device (laptops, tablets, smartphones) to participate.  Both the clicker and ResponseWare also require you to purchase a Turning Account subscription.  If you aren't sure which product to get for your course, check with your instructor.

Getting Help with your Turning Account

 If you have trouble with your clicker or Turning Account, contact Turning Technologies Customer Service:

  • Phone: 1-866-746-3015
  • Email: support@turningtechnologies.com

Creating a Turning Account through eLC and Purchasing a Subscription and/or Clicker 

1. Log in to elc.uga.edu using your MyID and Password. Confirm that you are logged in properly before continuing!

2. Locate the TurningPoint Account Information Announcement. Click the link called "Create or log into your account." 

Screen capture of the eLC MyHome.

3. Type your MyID@uga.edu UGA email address (it is important NOT to use any other version of your email address), then click "Create Account."
OR, if you already have a Turning Account, click Sign In.

create account screen

4. Check your UGA email for a verification message, and click the link in that message to continue. 

verification screen

verification email

5. Complete the "Create Account" screen. Click "Finish." 

Turning Account Setup Screen

6. Next, click "Get Started" to begin the process of connecting your account to eLC.

Turning Wizard Welcome

7. If you already have a Subscription code (you may have bought one at the Bookstore), type it in and click Redeem. If you do not have a Subscription code, you can leave the Code blank. You will have a chance to purchase one online later. Click Continue. 

  Turning Wizard Subscription Step  

8. If you have a clicker, enter the Clicker ID from the back of the clicker. If you do not have a clicker, you can leave the Clicker ID blank. You will have a chance to purchase one online later. Click Continue. Then click Finish. 

 Turning Wizard Clicker ID Step  Turning Account Wizard Last Step

7. Next, you will be taken to your Turning account screen. If you need to purchase a Turning Subscription and/or Clicker, now is the time!

If you choose the One-Year Bundle that includes Subscription and Clicker, download this $10 Rebate (PDF)

If you choose the Five-Year Bundle that includes Subscription and Clicker, download this $20.99 Rebate (PDF).

Purchase Subscription and Clicker  Turning Store

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