Equipment, Media, and Key Loans

Equipment/Key Checkout

A variety of audio, video, and data presentation equipment is available to augment installed classroom equipment for instructional applications and initiatives.  Equipment is provided first to faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistant's (IOR), then to students for class use authorized by the faculty member of the current UGA related course being taken at no charge.  Departments and student groups are eligible to checkout equipment for departmental functions/events at a cost.  Users can either pickup media or equipment directly from the CTL South Instructional Plaza office, or request delivery to designated central locations in campus buildings. (Note:  UGA student groups must pick up and bring back equipment - no delivery.)

Keys to a select group of classroom equipment cabinets can be checked out through CTL by Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants (IOR) needing access to the equipment.  

CTL assists by providing technical advice, training and demonstrations to those in need of equipment for use in instructional facilities and other venues upon request. For more information, please contact CTL at (706) 542-1582 or email us at

Media Duplication

CTL offers duplication services for both audio and video recordings, including international standards. Using our versatile tool set, we can copy and convert between many old and new formats.  Whether you need mass duplication of a single CD or DVD with text print only, or a complete DVD designed and packaged for a specific project, the Center for Teaching and Learning is here to help.  

To learn more about "Fair Use" and to be sure your duplication needs fall under this category concerning course related content, please click on the following link:

Duplication Price List (PDF)

Fair Use Guidelines


Media Catalog

You can access an extensive collection of educational videos, CDs, DVDs and other media in our online catalog at

For more information, please contact CTL at (706) 542-1582 or email us at 

Films on Demand is now available via GALILEO for all University of System of Georgia institutions and Augusta Technical College. Films on Demand consists of 7,000 titles (77,000 segments) in Humanities & Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Health, and Sciences.  Also included is the new collection of United Newsreels which include an additional 260 titles (1,250 segments). GALILEO News and GALILEO status Announcements are also posted to the GALILEO homepage.

If you have any questions about Films on Demand, or if you experience any issues with access, please contact GALILEO Support Services via the following contact form:

The GALILEO Express Link for this database is:

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