Top Hat

Top Hat is a web-based student response system that allows instructors to create an interactive lecture experience for students in classes of all types and sizes.

Instructors can use Top Hat to poll students, present discussion prompts, display lecture material, track attendance, and sync grades with eLC.

Students can respond to Top Hat questions and prompts using the devices they already own, such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets. There are both browser-based and app options.

Getting Started

To begin using Top Hat, faculty and students are required to create an account.

Instructor Resources:

Student Resources:

General Help & Support:

Pricing & Features

Top Hat is available to instructors at no cost. You may choose to use Top Hat Basic, or Top Hat pro in your course.

  • Top Hat Basic: free; allows instructors to host discussions and ask polling questions; great for promoting student engagement.
  • Top Hat Pro: paid by students; includes Top Hat Basic features and individual scoring and attendance, a weekly email of class performance, and integration with eLC gradebook.

UGA’s Top Hat prices for students:

  • Single semester: $22
  • One year: $34
  • Four years: $65






·       Free for Instructors

·       Free for Students

·       Free for Instructors

·       Paid by students (see above for pricing)


Lecture Features

·     Add interactive questions to presentations

·     Aggregate attendance capture

·     Discussions and polling questions: Aggregate scores only

·      Add interactive questions to presentations

·     Individual attendance capture

·     Discussions and polling questions: Individual and aggregate scores

Insights and Grades

Limited weekly insights on student performance

·     Weekly insights on student performance & attendance

·     Full course gradebook

·     ELC gradebook integration

Additional Features


·     Authoring, editing & customization tools for readings & textbooks

·     Integration with eLC and the eLC gradebook


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