Consultation and Training


The CTL provides training on classroom technologies and consulting for learning space design and development.

The CTL staff offers all levels of training to faculty wanting to use technology found in the classrooms on campus. They will also work with faculty to explore new technologies that may be useful for their classes and assist in the integration of new technologies into the classroom.

Using Classroom Technologies

Technology has opened up a broad spectrum of opportunities for instructors. Classroom technology specialists provide training and consultation on a wide variety of instructional technology. They will meet with you to show you the location of the equipment in a specific room, what technologies are available to you, and how to control the equipment. They will also explain what to do in the event of a malfunction.

Although there are technology standards for the classroom on campus, each room is unique. Your classroom support specialist can address a number of issues of using the technology in a specific room and can connect you with an expert from the CTL staff to assist you with integrating technology into your class using the latest appropriate pedagogies.

Finding the Appropriate Technologies

If you do have questions concerning the availability of specific technologies, please call us at (706) 542-3456. We can help you identify specific technologies that you are looking for and where to find them. In regards to technologies that are not available on campus, we can assist you to see if it is possible to acquire the technology. In many cases, we can provide a demonstration of new products and their applications in the classroom.

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