CTL Courses on University Teaching

students playing a gameThe CTL is proud to offer courses for graduate students who are interested in university teaching. GRSC 7770 is a pre-requisite for all the other courses listed below.

GRSC 7770: Seminar on College Teaching

A teaching-support seminar designed to familiarize graduate teaching assistants with the principles of higher education pedagogy as well as with the resources and support services available to them at UGA. Students learn about different teaching approaches that are effective and appropriate for their particular teaching assignments and practice using teaching techniques.

GRSC 7800: College Teaching and Student Learning

This interdisciplinary course offered each spring focuses on how undergraduates learn. Participants will learn a variety of factors that influence teaching and learning in an attempt to discover and define what it means to be an effective college teacher, and will also discuss theory, techniques, and strategies for helping undergraduates become active participants in their learning.

GRSC 7900: Course Design

This course, offered each fall, will give graduate students a foundation in course design grounded in strong pedagogical theory. Students will design or redesign a course in its entirety, beginning with their goals for their students and working through assessment to teaching and learning activities.

GRSC 7850: Special Topics in Teaching

Each Spring the CTL will teach a Special Topics course. Previous courses have included:

 Strategies for Inclusive Teaching. In this course, students will engage in reflective activities and discuss and implement equity-based teaching strategies with the goal of making their own teaching and classrooms more inclusive.

For more information about any of these courses, contact the Assistant Director for TA Development and Recognition.

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