Teaching/Classroom Observations

rows of students in a classroom

Use our Observation Request Form to request a teaching observation!

The CTL provides teaching observations for those who teach courses at the University of Georgia, as a way to provide feedback on your teaching in the context of consultation and professional development with a teaching and learning expert.

There are four phases to a CTL Teaching Observation:

  1. Pre-Observation Meeting: Meet with your CTL consultant for 30 minutes to discuss your class, your teaching, and the feedback you would find most useful.
  2. Observation: Teach your class as usual, but with your CTL consultant in the room (or with you online), taking note of everything going on and using established teaching observation protocols to gather data.
  3. Post-Observation Meeting: Meet with your CTL consultant for 30-60 minutes, 1-7 days after their visit, to discuss their observations, feedback, and recommendations for your teaching and your class.
  4. Documentation (optional): Your CTL consultant will provide you with a letter/memo, addressed to you, documenting their visit to your class. This write-up/report will include information about their observations and both strengths they observed and suggestions they have for you, grounded in their expertise on teaching and learning. This letter can be tailored for use in a state or national teaching award competition, but will remain addressed to you as the instructor.

Questions? Contact Kelly Ford (kfarm@uga.edu) if you are a graduate student, and Ashley Harlow (ashley.harlow@uga.edu) if you are not.

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