Creating Sessions in Blackboard Collaborate

Download this tutorial in PDF format.

Creating a New Session

Click the Blackboard Collaborate link in your Tools dropdown menu. 

To create a session, click the Create Session link.

Session Information

Give the Session a Name. Change the Start and End times if needed. By default, the session is set to start at the current time and an end time is not set.

Session Options

Select the Options tab to set session options.


To add content to a session that will be loaded automatically when the session starts, click the session in the list and select the Content tab. Note: PowerPoint presentations CANNOT be added directly to the session here. Click the Learn how link for directions on how to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a Whiteboard file. Once finished, click Create Session.


Viewing Session Information

Click a session in the list to see details about the session.

You can make changes to the session by clicking Edit Session. Click Delete to remove the session.

Click Join to start the session in Collaborate. 

A meeting.collab file will be downloaded to your computer that can be opened with the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher. If you have not installed the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher, click the Download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher link.

Click the Download button to download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher installer, then run it to install. Once you have installed the launcher you will be able to open .collab files to start Collaborate. You only need to install the launcher one time on the computer you will be using for Collaborate.

Inviting Participants Outside of eLC

To invite participants from outside of eLC, click the Show link next to Guest Link. Copy the URL and send it to anyone you would like to join the session.


Select the Recordings tab to see a list of sessions you have recorded. Click a recording in the list to see details and play the recording.

Recording Conversions

Recordings can be converted to MP3 (audio only) and MP4 (audio and video) files. Click a recording in the list, then click the Start Conversion link. The conversion process might take a while depending on the length of the recording.