Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a web conferencing platform that is available to use on its own or from within eLC. Collaborate Ultra features a modern look, excellent audio and video quality, and the option to upload and store content in advance of your session. For a list of all available features, visit 

To use Collaborate Ultra outside of eLC, visit this resource.

Accessing Collaborate Ultra in eLC 

Navigate to your course in eLC.

If you are using the course default navigation bar, you will see a link for Collaborate Ultra in the Tools dropdown menu.

Location of Collaborate Ultra from Tools drop-down menu

If you have customized your course navigation bar, you will need to add the link to Collaborate Ultra to your course navigation. 

1. Click Edit Course, and click Navigation and Themes.

2. To customize any of the navigation bars, you must first make a copy. Click the drop-down arrow next to the name of the navigation bar you want to copy, and click Copy.  Then, click on the copy you created to customize.

3. You can add Collaborate Ultra directly to the menu or to the tools dropdown. To add Collaborate Ultra to the tools dropdown, click the Tools dropdown, and then click "Edit Group Properties"

4. Click "Add Existing Link" and locate the Collaborate Ultra link. Click Add.

5. You can move the link to your desired position in the menu by clicking the three bars by the link and dragging it up or down.

Screenshot of adding a link to a dropdown menu with three bars highlighted

6. Click Save, and then Save and Close to save your changes. 

Once you can access the link in your course navigation, click the Collaborate Ultra link to open Collaborate Ultra.

With Collaborate Ultra, you can either use the open Course Room session, or you can Create Sessions for specific time periods.

Course Room - The course room is an open session specifically for your course. Click  "Join room" to join the session any time.

Join Course Room button

New Session - A new session allows you to set the date and time that the session starts and ends. You can choose to keep a session open or repeat. You can also select if students can enter the session prior to the start time. To create a new session, click "Create Session." 

Screenshot of Create Session link in Collaborate Ultra

To enter a session room, click on the name of the room.

Enter session room

Note that even if you have created specific sessions, the Join Room button always goes to the Course Room session. If you like, you can click on the Course Room settings button ( ... ) and Lock the room. Once the Course Room is locked, you can go to the settings button again to unlock it. 

Locking the Course Room

For more detailed information on how to use Collaborate Ultra, visit the Blackboard Collaborate support documentation. We recommend the three-minute video on that page as a great overview of features!