Emily Wilkinson Instructional Resources Specialist II

Email: emily@uga.edu
Phone: 706-542-3456

Emily Wilkinson is the Office Manager for Classroom Support and Learning Spaces within the Center for Teaching and Learning.

She answers trouble calls for over 400 classrooms and routes the calls to the appropriate Classroom Support Specialist. She maintains the key inventory for the Miller Learning Center equipment cabinet keys, locker keys & classroom closet keys, checking out approximately 300 keys a semester. Emily works closely with the engineers to bid out and get quotes for equipment and does the final purchasing of the equipment. She will often provide spreadsheets and quotes to departments wishing to purchase A/V equipment. Emily also does the billing for the Center for Teaching and Learning installations & Miller Learning Center equipment usage and is responsible for the purchasing of supplies for the office.

Emily is a Notary in the State of Georgia.