TurningPoint for Students

TurningPoint is a student engagement system that allows your instructor to ask questions, take polls, give quizzes, and get feedback from students during class. TurningPoint has a clicker device and a bring-your-own-device system called ResponseWare. With ResponseWare,  you can use any web-enabled device (laptops, tablets, smartphones) to participate.  Both the clicker and ResponseWare require a TurningAccount license as well. Your instructor may require you to purchase a clicker for a course. If you aren't sure which product to get for your course, check with your instructor.

Turning Account Support and Related Links

Training: http://www.turningtechnologies.com/training-support

 Turning Technologies Customer Service

Video Tutorial: Creating Your TurningPoint account through eLC

Video Tutorial: Registering Your TurningPoint License and Clicker Device

Creating a Turning Account and Purchasing a Clicker and/or ResponseWare License

To purchase a clicker, you must first create a Turning Account. Follow the steps below to create your Turning Account. 

If you already have a clicker, or if you bought a used clicker, you will still need to create a Turning account and purchase a license using the steps below.
If you already have a Turning account, follow the same steps, clicking Sign-In rather than Create below.

Log into eLC, and locate the News item called "TurningPoint Account Creation."  It will be on your My Home page. (Your instructor may also have a link to create a TurningPoint account in your course. You can also use that link.) YOU MUST CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT THROUGH THIS LINK IN ORDER TO CONNECT YOUR TURNING ACCOUNT TO ELC.

Screenshot of Turning Point Account widget

Click the link that says "TurningPoint Account Creation." Enter your UGA email (example: abc12345@uga.edu) in the text box. To create a new account, click Create an Account. If you have an existing account, click Sign In and skip to the Licenses step below.

Screenshot of Account Creation screen for Turning Point

You will be sent a verification email. Click the link in your email to proceed to the account creation.

Screenshot of Turning Account Email

The verification link will take you to the account creation screen.  Complete all of the fields, and under role, choose "Student." Review the End-User License Agreement and Terms of Use, check that you agree with the terms, and click Finish.

The next screen will prompt you to enter your license code and/or device ID.  If you already have a clicker and/or Turning Point license, enter that information here. If you don't have these yet, click Finish to move to the next screen.

You will receive a reminder at this point that you need to enter your license code and device ID in order for your account. Click Proceed.

Screenshot of Turning Point reminder to enter device id and code

Now you are logged into Turning Point with your newly created account. To purchase a clicker or a license, click Student Store in the right hand menu. (Note: If you already have a clicker, you will still have to buy a license and register your clicker device.)

You will be taken to the University of Georgia Student Store. Choose the product you wish to purchase.

NOTES: Because some instructors may require clickers, while others may allow ResponseWare, we recommend purchasing the four year bundle, which includes a clicker and a 4 year ResponseWare license. If you already have a clicker or purchased a used clicker, you will still need a Turning Account License for at least one year. Because you already purchased a clicker, you can request a rebate on the one year license.

Screenshot of TurningPoint Student Store for UGA

Click Add to Cart, and close the Cart window.

Click Review Selections to verify that you've chosen the correct product, and then click Checkout. 

Screenshot of Student Store - Review Selections

Registering Your License and Clicker Device

Once you get your clicker, you will need to log into your Turning account and register your license and your device. To do this:

Log into eLC and click the Turning Account Creation link in the TurningPoint news item.

Screenshot of Turning Point Account widget

Log in with your Turning account username and password.

To register your license, click License. 

Click Add a License under Manage Licenses.

Enter your license number and click Redeem.

Now your license is associated with your Turning Point account. When you log into Turning Point, you should see a green check under License on the Dashboard.

To register your device, click Devices on your Dashboard.

Screenshot of Turning Point Account screen

Click Add a Device under Manage Devices.

Screenshot of Add a Device screen in Turning Point

Enter the device id on the back of your clicker. It will be six characters (numbers and letters). Click Redeem.

Now your device is associated with your Turning Point account. When you log into Turning Point, you should see a green check under Devices on the Dashboard.

Screenshot of Turning Point Dashboard with Device Added

Once you've completed these steps, you can check your setup in your TurningPoint account.