Synchronizing your Top Hat course with your eLC course

This tutorial includes three topics:

There are two reasons you might like to synchronize your Top Hat course with your eLC course. First, it makes it more straightforward to invite your students to Top Hat. Second, you will not have to use Excel to transfer the overall Top Hat grade to eLC.

There is one major requirement for synchronizing to work: it must be a one-to-one relationship; that is, one Top Hat course syncs with one eLC course. If your eLC course is crosslisted (many sections of students in one eLC course), then you can only synchronize that course to one Top Hat course. If that sounds good to you, then go forth and synchronize! If you prefer not to sync, then you can still transfer student ids and Top Hat grades using Excel. If you are not sure, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we can help you decide.

Steps for synchronizing Top Hat and eLC for the first time

1. Log in to Top Hat and click on the course you wish to sync.
2. Click on the "Settings" button in your Top Hat course and select the "LMS" tab.
3. Click the button labeled "Click here to authenticate with your LMS." If you are not already logged in to eLC, log in when prompted.

4. You will now see the list of eLC courses where you are enrolled as instructor. Select the eLC course you wish to integrate with Top Hat. Use caution here! Make sure you are syncing to the correct eLC course. Once synchronized, it is very challenging to undo.

3. Click Next.

4. The screen should say “Ready to sync with [Course Name].” Click Sync.


5. When the sync process is complete, click Save.

If you have any errors during the synchronization process, please contact Top Hat support at (888) 663-5491 or

Inviting students to your Top Hat course, after synchronizing with eLC

After synchronizing your Top Hat course and eLC course, your eLC student list will appear in the Pending area of the Student Manager. Then, you can invite your students to participate in your Top Hat course.  

1. Log in to Top Hat and click on the appropriate course.
2. Click Students at the top to go to the Student Manager.

3. Click Pending at the top left to see your list of students from eLC.

4. On the right, click Email All to send an email invitation to these students.


Once students have enrolled in your Top Hat course, their names will be moved to the Enrolled area of the Student Manager.

Synchronizing grades from Top Hat to eLC

Once you have used Top Hat in your class, you can synchronize the Overall Grade from Top Hat to a column in the eLC Grades area. In your Top Hat course, go to Settings, then the LMS tab, then Sync. That should do it! You will want to sync on a regular basis in order to have your most recent grades uploaded to eLC.