Writing Certificate: Faculty

The University of Georgia is committed to providing the support and infrastructure necessary for faculty to increase writing instruction. The Writing Certificate Program is part of a larger campus-wide writing initiative and UGA faculty are a key component of that plan. For more information on the goals of this initiative, see the 2007 Task Force on Writing’s report .

The Writing Certificate Program offers faculty the opportunity to incorporate writing into your course design and objectives. Please feel free to contact the Coordinator for more information on how to get a course designated writing intensive or for ideas about how to work more writing into your classes.

Are you interested in learning more about writing instruction or increasing the amount of writing students do in your courses?

 The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences gives its faculty the opportunity to be involved in the Writing Intensive Program.

The University’s Writing Fellows Program offers support for faculty who are interested in further study and discussion of writing instruction with peers from across campus.


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