TA Orientation 2017

Fall 2017 TA Orientation will take place on Tuesday, August 8.  More details regarding this event will be posted on this web site as the new year progresses.          

Before the beginning of each fall semester, CTL organizes a morning orientation for all new graduate students with instructional responsibilities during following academic year.  Participants in the TA/LA Orientation Program will:

Please go to TA Orientation FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to new TA Orientation.  For other questions about the orientation, please contact Dr. Eddie Watson, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, at edwatson@uga.edu or 542-1355.

Click here for select TA orientation handouts from the TA orientation packet. Please refer to the TA Handbook for detailed guidelines and complete information.

Schedule for Last Year's TA Orientation (2016)

Time and Time/Place


7:30-8:00 am
first and 2nd floor SLC

Coffee and Folder Handout

8:00-8:45 am

SLC 085 and 285

Welcome from the Center for Teaching and Learning

  • Eddie Watson, Director of CTL

Teaching at UGA

  • Rahul Shrivastav, Vice President for Instruction

Teaching Awesomeness

  • Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander, Associate Professor of Employment Law & Legal Studies​,  Terry College of Business

Opening Remarks

  • Suzanne Barbour, Dean of the Graduate School

Overview of Orientation and CTL Resources

  • Carrie Bishop, CTL Coordinator of Emerging Learning Technologies

Ten Ways to Start Strong

  • Gary Green, Assistant Dean for Student Services and Associate Professor, Warnell School of Forestry


Break, Coffee/Tea, Transition to Sessions


Preparing for the First Few Weeks of Class 

  • Discussion Leaders, SLC 345
  • Science Laboratory TAs (e.g. biology, physics, chemistry), SLC 085 and 285
  • Non-Science Laboratory TAs (i.e. computer-based or studio settings), 145 SLC
  • Instructors of Record, Pharmacy South 201
  • Graders/Office Hours TAs, RC Wilson Pharmacy 120


Transition to Sessions


SLC 085
And 285

Panel Discussion:  What You Need to Know 

  • Jan Hathcote - Office of the Registrar
  • Debbie Craddock-Bell, Office of Academic Honesty
  • Molli Scarborough, Disability Resource Center
  • Angela Birkes, Office of Institutional Diversity
  • Sandrine Bosshardt, Counseling and Psychiatric Services
  • John Newton, Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness


Planning for Teaching and Learning

  • Expect Respect - UGA’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment (NDAH) Policy
    (Kristopher Stevens, Associate Director – Equal Opportunity Office and Jarmon DeSadierInvestigator/Trainer – Equal
    Opportunity Office)

  • Structuring a Lesson (Colleen Kuusinen, CTL)  
  • Active Learning (Chase Hagood, CTL)


Lunch and Session for International Graduate Teaching and Laboratory Assistants

Pharmacy 201

  • Linda Harklau - Professor, TESOL & World Language Education Program & Linguistics Program
  • Sonia Sharmin - Language and Literacy Education
  • James Coda - Language and Literacy Education
  • Grace Guerrero -  Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • Carlos Torres - Kinesiology