Departmental GRSC 7770 Sections

GRSC 7770 provides graduate teaching assistants with knowledge of pedagogical approaches and available support systems. Departments are responsible for conducting sections of GRSC 7770 or a departmental course designated to meet discipline-specific needs. To support the development of new departmental sections of GRSC 7770 or to support the extensive revision of existing departmental GRSC 7770 sections, the Graduate School annually offers 10 partial assistantships for the fall semester only (2/9th assistantships to which departments must add 1/9th).  An announcement calling for applications will be announced on the Departmental GRSC 7770 listserv in the spring semester for the following fall. The evaluation rubric for selecting sections for partial funding requires the nomination of a qualified graduate student and emphasizes the creation of new sections or the revision of existing sections, and the level of faculty involvement in the course.  Please note that assistantships are associated with the graduate student specified on the application.  If a different graduate student replaces the one nominated on the application form, departments must re-submit their application for the assistantship to the Assistant Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning no later than a week before the beginning of the semester.

According to UGA Academic Affairs policy (4.07-13), GTAs may co-teach GRSC 7770 with an approved faculty member.  Departments must submit a GRSC 7770 credentialing form to the Assistant Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning in the Office of the Vice President for Instruction for approval at least a week before the beginning of the semester to which the students is assigned teaching responsibility.

For information about developing a GRSC 7770 in your department or being added to the Departmental GRSC 7770 listserv, contact the Assistant Director of TA Development and Recognition for the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Graduate School Teaching Seminar Assistantships

The Graduate School offers 2/9th assistantships to Award Winning Teaching Assistants who will help develop and teach sections of GRSC 7770 in the college or department Fall Semester 2018. The purpose of the one semester-long teaching assistantship is to encourage the discipline-based development of new GRSC 7770 seminars and to encourage innovative course redesign for existing GRSC 7770 seminars.  

This seminar is designed to provide all new Teaching and Laboratory assistants the opportunity to develop their teaching skills and a forum to discuss discipline-related teaching strategies and challenges.

Graduate School Teaching Seminar Assistantship applications will be considered on the following criteria:

Applicants must have:

Strong departmental applications will meet the following criteria.  The course is:

Applications must have departmental commitment including a:

Commitment and attendance of both the faculty member and the graduate student nominated on the application to attend one of the two three-hour workshops on GRSC 7770 during the summer (ideally together). Workshops, open to all GRSC 7770 instructors, will be held in June and July from 9 am to noon in the North Instructional Plaza (CTL). Please note for successful applicants wishing to create a new GRSC 7770 sections or with faculty members teaching GRSC 7770 for the first time will have additional course development training with CTL stall (mandatory for the Graduate TA and highly recommended for the faculty co-instructor).

The deadline to apply for a partial Graduate School GRSC 7770 Assistantship for the next Fall is now closed and will reopen in the Spring.

For questions or for more information, please contact Dr. Zoe Morris, Assistant Director of TA Development and Recognition at