Student Response Systems

In Spring 2014, the UGA Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) sponsored a pilot of two web-based student response systems and surveyed both faculty and students about their experiences. Based on functionality, supported devices, survey responses, and cost, Top Hat emerged as the best option for UGA.

Top Hat allows instructors to ask questions, take polls, give quizzes, and get feedback from students during class. Top Hat is a bring-your-own-device system, which means that students can use any web-enabled device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) to participate. Top Hat also allows text messaging submission of answers, so students can use basic cell phones as well. Students may receive participation points and points for selecting correct answers.  Faculty can then synchronize the total score with the eLC Grade Book. 

For the 2014-15 academic year, UGA is in the final steps of the procurement process to provide Top Hat licenses to students free of charge for selected courses. Faculty who are interested in using the software will receive Top Hat training and access to instructor tools, as well as instructions for providing access to students. To participate, visit the CTL Top Hat page and complete the request form.  

Faculty may continue to use the Turning Technologies clickers, and the eLC integration will remain in place.  For Turning Technologies support, please visit

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