Archiving your content on the USG Podcasting Server

To download your content from the USG Podcasting Server, you can create and download an archive file.

Creating an Archive

Log in to your account and you will see a menu option for Archive & Download on the left hand side.

When you click on the Archive & Download link, it will take you to a screen that shows all the channels that you own.

You can select all of them for one large archive, or select individual channels.  Keep in mind, you can only have one archive at a time on the server.  You can create an archive of just a select channel or channels, then download it and delete it off the server, and you will be free to create another download.

Once you have selected the channel or channels that you wish to archive, select “click to create a new archive”. 

You will be prompted to proceed with the request. Click OK to proceed.

You will then receive a message that the request has been submitted.  You will receive an email when your archive is ready to be downloaded.

Downloading Your Archive

When the archive has been created, log back in to the USG Podcasting Server and click on Archive & Download, where you will see your archive as a zip file.  Click on the Archive Name to download the file.

Download and unzip the file. You will have a main folder that contains a subfolder for each Channel and a subfolder with a readme file in it. 

The readme file will contain the Episode Title and the Episode Folder Name to allow you to go back and rename the individual podcasts. 

When you open the subfolder for the individual channels, you will see a corresponding number for each podcast.  In addition, there will be a number of .jpeg files, which are screenshots from the movie file to help confirm that you have the correct one.  You will also see the podcast file, which will be an mp4. The filename will be a number, and you can rename the file.

If you need to archive and download additional files, you will need to log in and delete the archive you already created. To delete an archive, click Archive and Download, and then click Delete.