Video Production

CTL offers both studio and location recording services for all university departments and faculty.

What can CTL produce for you?

CTL understands the value of how your special event and classroom instruction applies to the mission of the University of Georgia and the Athens community. We offer both studio and location recording services for all university departments and faculty.

Don’t worry if professional audio and video production is not familiar to you. Our award-winning staff will be happy to provide expert consultation and assistance with all aspects of the production process. This process involves many steps like scripting, recording, editing, graphics creation, and distribution, but with the guidance of our team, your concept can be a reality.

We accept many forms of payment such as UGA account numbers, major credit cards, and check made payable to the Center for Teaching and Learning. You can also view our current rates here. Regardless of your funding limits, we have options to fit your needs.

To request CTL production, please fill out the following production request form:

CTL Production Request Form

Academic event recording

In a world where media dominates mass communication, professional recordings are a great way to preserve your event for future learners and are proven ways of communicating your information to a larger audience. CTL can record your event from any of the locations across the university campus. From audio-only recordings to multi-camera HD productions, we can meet your needs for recording your important event and distribute it in many forms like CD, DVD, and online streaming. CTL can also broadcast your event live over the UGA’s Channel 15 instructional cable access channel that reaches the entire campus as well as the Athens’ community via Charter Cablevision.

Television Studio Facilities

Unlike location shoots, studios offer a more controlled environment for recording crucial audio and video information while minimizing the common pitfalls associated with field acquisition. Studios can save you money since all equipment necessary for recording is already installed and ready for use. CTL has two onsite studios – one sound booth for recording voice-overs and one multi-camera television studio.

Multichannel HD editing

You have a nice broadcast level recording and so what’s the next step? Whether your project was recorded as audio only, single camera, or multi-camera, some post-production is necessary for sharing it with your audience.  Post-production involves removing unnecessary gaps, normalizing audio, inserting b-roll, adding graphics, laying down a music bed, and authoring the project to disc based media, online streaming, or broadcast level videotape.  Not all projects require this many steps, but in order to better communicate your message in a clear and concise manner, we encourage all clients to consider professional editing.  If your video is going to be broadcast over the WUGA television station, the project must adhere to PBS policies and FCC requirements.