The University Channel

The University Channel serves the local community with programming designed to serve the University.

Live Event Broadcasting & Streaming

The University Channel (15.1) appears on University Cablevision around campus and on Charter Cable (181) in Athens and surrounding areas with national and locally produced noncommercial programming designed to serve both the missions of the University of Georgia and the Center for Teaching & Learning.  The University Channel serves as a resource to spotlight the University of Georgia through programming that is created by, or of interest to, the University of Georgia. 

Many high profile campus events include: “Graduate and Under Graduate Commencements”, “Charter/Mary Frances Early and the Charlayne Hunter-Gault Lectures”, “State of the University Addresses”, “Gulf Oil Spill Symposium”, “Honors Program”, and “It’s Friday”, along with educational FTA (free to air) satellite delivered programming.     

Live Event Streaming is becoming more and more popular because of its ability to generate and reach a wider audience.  Live streaming fosters engagement and brings about a more social connection and experience when watched concurrently by a large audience.  The audience whether attending in person or online) is connected by the event which is the one commonality the audience shares and talks about, allowing all involved to receive the same information at the same time ensuring consistency.

Just as each individual is unique, so are events and not all are meant to be broadcast over television.  if you have an event (live or taped) you feel might be relevant for broadcasting over The University Channel or would like to request a UGA event be streamed, please contact Krystal Pintar at or call (706)542-6686 as some restrictions apply.

Policy/Guidelines and Rates

UGA Event Promotions

You've planned your event, the date is set and the next thing you need to do is tell people about it.  Don’t let your event go un-noticed…..The Center for Teaching and Learning can assist you by creating a informational graphic announcement to help stimulate and reach your target audience.  

Your graphic will be shown on The University Channel 15.1 (on campus), The Announcement Channel 11.1 (on campus) and 181 (Charter Communication)

To request the announcement of a UGA event to be displayed in the form of a graphic slide, please contact Krystal Pintar at or call (706)542-6686.

Monthly Program Schedule

CTL provides a variety of educational programming resources that delivers compelling and engaging content to the University and University community.

The University Channel is broadcast and streamed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.     

Click here to view The University Channels “Monthly Programming Guide” for April, 2018 (pdf)

24/7 live online streaming of The University Channel can be watched here (CTL Cable).