OER Resources

If you are considering using an OER, you may be concerned about where to go to find resources, and also how to evaluate the resources you find.

Because there is not a central repository for OER materials, there can be a wide variety of accessibility and quality.  The following content is designed to help you locate and evaluate OER.  If you have questions or would like a consultation about OERs, please contact us via email: OER Consult.

Faculty and OER at UGA

Course Faculty OER
BIOL 1103/1104 Dr. Peggy Brickman OpenStax Biology
  Dr. Tessa Andrews  
BIOL 1107 Dr. Norris Armstrong OpenStax Biology
CBOI 2200/2210 Dr. DeLoris Hesse OpenStax Anatomy & Physiology
  Dr. Rob Nichols  
  Dr. Leslie Pryor  
EDUC 2110 Dr. Brian Dotts In development for Jan. 2016
HIST 2111/2112 Dr. Montgomery Wolf OpenStax U.S. History
PEDB 1000(+) All Faculty  
PSYC 1101 Dr. Janet Frick OpenStax Psychology
  Dr. Kacy Welsh  
SOCI 1101 Dr. Jim Coverdill OpenStax Sociology
THEA 2000 Dr. Fran Teague Theatrical Worlds


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