Graduate School’s Portfolio Program

The Graduate School's Portfolio Program is designed to provide graduate students with feedback and official recognition on a portfolio documenting their UGA teaching experiences.

The Spring 2017 online submission deadline is Friday, February 9th 2018 at 5 pm.

Components and Samples

Sample portfolios and portfolio consultations are available through the Center for Teaching and Learning (542-0534) or you can view the sample portfolios below:

Requirements and Review Process

  1. Students must have taught for at least two semesters at UGA. Teaching two sections in one semester does not count.
  2. Teaching Portfolios must be no longer than twelve single-sided pages. The portfolios should be professionally presented. Appendices may be included as documentation/evidence, but only the twelve-page portfolio will be considered in the review process so it must be created as a stand-alone document.
  3. Each portfolio must include the following items labeled and ordered as listed below:
    1. A teaching philosophy statement
    2. Description of courses taught
    3. Sample teaching materials
    4. Sample of student work
    5. Innovative teaching projects and roles
    6. List of professional activities related to teaching
    7. List of special training or teaching related experiences
    8. Evaluation of teaching
  4. A letter of nomination from a faculty member in the department, which is not included in the twelve-page maximum, is required and should be the initial item in the portfolio (aside from the cover page). The faculty member should be familiar with the student's teaching and does not need to be the student's advisor, the graduate coordinator or department head. The letter of nomination signifies departmental support for student's participation in the portfolio program.
  5. The documents above should be combined into one pdf document and submitted electronically on the current submission site available here:
    The pdf document should be named according to the convention: lastname_firstname.pdf. Contact the Graduate School if you need help preparing your portfolio for electronic submission.
  6. The Graduate School reserves the right to share approved portfolios with other students as discipline-specific portfolio examples.
  7. Graduate students whose portfolios are approved by the review committee as well-developed and well-documented will receive a Certification of Recognition from the Graduate School for the completion of the Graduate School Teaching Portfolio.

Graduate School Teaching Portfolio Course

Check Athena for details about GRSC 7770: Teaching Portfolio Seminar. 1 credit hour. This course requires POD. Please contact Judy Milton,, at the Graduate School for more information about this course.