College/Department Partnership Program

In an effort to further teaching and learning excellence at the University of Georgia, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is pleased to announce the College / Department Partnership Program (CDPP).  Ongoing, sustained, and customized instructional development opportunities are often needed to achieve many strategic teaching and learning objectives.  The CTL encourages colleges and departments to see the Center as a collaborator for reaching their goals and invites partnerships in fostering teaching and learning excellence in their area.


What is expected of colleges / departments?


To participate in this program, a college / department must be able to articulate the goals they wish to achieve and then meet with the CTL’s Director to agree upon an appropriate, customized approach for achieving those goals.  They must also agree to develop a strategy that encourages and/or incentivizes participation in the customized programming provided by the CTL.  Incentives come in many forms and not all of them are financial.  Examples include grant programs, stipends, travel funds, equipment, awards, recognitions, release time, graduate assistant support, or simply a highly visible selection / invitation process.  Essentially, leadership in the college / department should establish an expectation that participation in the faculty development programming is encouraged.


What is provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning?


The CTL will develop and deliver customized and personalized instructional development and/or teaching improvement opportunities designed to meet the teaching and learning goals of your college / department.  As examples, you may wish for the CTL to



This list is by no means exhaustive, and in truth, the collaboration can take many forms.  There are no costs to colleges/departments for participating in this programming.  Please contact Dr. Meg Mittelstadt, Assistant Director for Faculty Development and Recognition, at to set up a time to discussion how you might collaborate with the CTL through its College / Department Partnership Program.