Classrooms on the UGA Campus

UGA has over 600 classrooms and learning spaces on campus, most with some type of AV technology.

CTL provides faculty with access to the technology in most of these spaces and regular support to ensure all aspects of the technology are fully functional.

Classroom Support

CTL Classroom Support provides primary support for approximately 325 general assignment classrooms with various levels of AV, data, and presentation technology. This office also provides technology trainings, equipment cabinet keys for general assignment classrooms, and access to equipment. The classrooms are scheduled by the Campus Reservations either online at or by phone at 706-543-8020. The CTL also provides selected secondary support to over 200 additional departmental classrooms, labs, conference rooms and other facilities scheduled by the controlling campus unit.

Keys to general assignment classroom equipment cabinets outside the MLC are available for check out to faculty from South Instructional Plaza. Keys to the equipment cabinets in the MLC are available to UGA instructors from the Classroom Support Headquarters, located at MLC 170.

Support Zones

CTL's Classroom Support houses five support specialists who assist instructors in different zones on campus. They have offices in each of the zones in order to provide timely response and support to faculty teaching in classrooms across campus. Classroom Technology Specialists respond to trouble calls, schedule training sessions for faculty and TAs and monitor classrooms on a daily basis.

The zones are divided as follows:

North Campus

(121 General Assignment Classrooms)

  • Baldwin Hall
  • Brooks Hall
  • Caldwell Hall
  • Candler Hall
  • Chapel
  • Dean Rusk Hall
  • Denmark Hall
  • Gilbert Hall
  • Hirsch Hall
  • Holmes/Hunter
  • Jackson Street Building
  • Joseph E. Brown Hall
  • LeConte Hall
  • Main Library
  • Medical Partnership
  • Meigs Hall
  • Moore College
  • New College
  • Old College
  • Park Hall
  • Peabody Hall
  • Sanford Hall
  • Tanner Building
  • Terrell Hall
  • Thomas Street Sculpture

Central Campus

(41 General Assignment Classrooms)

  • Fine Arts Building
  • Instructional Plaza
  • Journalism Building
  • Memorial Hall
  • Military Building
  • Milledge Hall
  • North PJ (N106)
  • South PJ (S306)
  • Psychology Building
  • Russell Hall

South Campus

(187 General Assignment Classrooms)

  • Aderhold Hall
  • Animal Science Center
  • Barrow Hall
  • Biological Sciences Building
  • Boyd Graduate Research Center
  • CCRC
  • Center for Applied Genetics Technologies
  • Chemistry Building
  • Connor Hall
  • Driftmier Engineering Center
  • Paul Coverdell Center
  • Dawson Hall
  • Ecology Building
  • Environmental Health Science
  • Food Science Building
  • Forestry Resources
  • Geography/Geology Building 
  • Hardman Hall
  • Hugh Hodgson School of Music
  • Lamar Dodd School of Art
  • Life Sciences Building
  • Marine Science
  • McPhaul Child Development Laboratory
  • Miller Plant Science
  • Pharmacy Building
  • Pharmacy South
  • Physics Building
  • Poultry Science Building
  • Ramsey Student Center
  • River Bend South
  • Rivers Crossing
  • Statistics & Computer Services
  • Tucker Hall
  • Veterinary Medicine

Miller Learning Center

(26 General Assignment Classrooms)

Health Science Campus

(13 General Assignment Classrooms)