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Engaged Learning in Foundational Courses: The Learning Assistant Model and Alliances

Engaged Learning in Foundational Courses: The Learning Assistant Model and Alliances

Valerie Otero

Coordinator of Assessment and Faculty Services, University of Colorado Boulder

Date: February 17, 2017

Location: Miller Learning Center


This session, co-sponsored by the Office of STEM Education, introduces the key elements necessary for using Learning Assistants (LA) to create more accessible and impactful learning environments. Participants will investigate the roles of LAs, faculty, and curricular materials by analyzing instructional materials and video to determine which practices are most effective for achieving desired outcomes. We will conclude by establishing some personal goals for instruction or programmatic implementation.

About the Speaker

Valerie Otero is professor of science education and co-director of the Learning Assistant Program at the University of Colorado Boulder. Dr. Otero’s research explores the dynamic nature of the learning environment and how it influences (and is influenced by) the evolution of students’ ideas. She also studies prospective and practicing teachers’ conceptions of students’ prior knowledge, and teachers’ conceptions of the use of students’ prior knowledge for teaching and learning. Her teaching interests are in the areas of elementary science methods and the nature of science.  Dr. Otero is a member of several professional organizations such as the American Association of Physics Teachers, National Science Teachers Association, National Association of Research on Science Teaching, and the American Educational Research Association.