Donald Newman Systems Design Engineer

Phone: 706-542-3456

Donald Newman is the principal programmer and design engineer in the Classroom Support Group of the CTL.

At UGA, Donald has helped the CTL Classrooms Support Group manage a period of unprecedented growth in classroom AV (audio-visual) technology. In 2000, when he joined CTL, classroom technology was mostly rolling carts or equipment delivered as needed. Just a few large classrooms had data projectors with installed AV systems.  Since then CTL has shared in consultation, design and/or installation of AV systems in most of the 500+ classroom on campus. Donald provides second tier support to frontline support staff campus-wide. To remotely manage these widely dispersed classrooms he has helped to form the RMS partnership. He has also promoted standardization of touchpanel controls for classrooms campus-wide.

Prior to joining the CTL, Donald studied and worked internationally in Canada and Europe. He received a technical college diploma in electronics and worked for several years assembling and supporting meteorological and scientific field instruments. Later he attended Lakehead University and received a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics. He has designed prototype equipment for oceanographic research and designed navigation and location tracking systems. His return to AV technology has brought him full circle from a high school job in consumer AV.

Outside of work he stays healthy with cycling and mountain sports and enjoys anything involving his wife and sons.