Selected LTG Projects

The Learning Technologies Grants program has provided funding for dozens of innovative projects across campus. The projects highlighted here represent a focus on innovation in developing open education resources and flipping the classroom to encourage active learning. 

FY2017 Projects

Project: 3D Immersion and Geovisualization (3DIG) 
Project Directors: Sergio Bernardes and Marguerite Madden
Department pf Geography

3DIG brings together multiple technological components, including an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), virtual reality goggles, augmented reality sandbox, and video wall, for cutting-edge data acquisition virtual/augmented reality and geovisualization for enhanced Earth Science teaching and learning. #DIG fulfills student expectations involving the incorporation of 3D graphic and visualization technologies in traditional lecture and instructional materials to promotes student learning and understanding of abstract or difficult concepts. Multiple aspects of 3DIG invoke experiential learning and students are actively involved in all phases of the project.


FY2016 Projects

Project: SPARK (STEM Projects for Applying Real-World Knowledge)
Project Directors: Gretchen Thomas and Theodore J. Kopcha
​College of Education

SPARK (STEM Projects for Applying Real-World Knowledge) brings experiential learning in the form of makerspace activities to undergraduates from across campus enrolled in a service-learning course. The project integrates multiple STEM learning technologies (e.g. robotics, programming, circuits) into existing coursework resulting in the creation of STEM open education resources. It also creates a space and opportunity for the formation of a research group for doctoral students in the College of Education. This group conducts evaluation research to assess student learning and project outcomes. 

Young student exploring circuitry UGA Students working with elementary students

The UGA One-Button Recording Studio
Project Director: Melinda Pethel
​College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Photo of the One-Button Studio room, with screen, podium, and cameraThe UGA One Button Studio is a pre-programmed, streamlined video recording studio that provides a space for users to record presentations with virtually no learning curve. Users need only bring a flash drive. Inserting the drive activates the system, turns on the camera and studio lights. Pressing the button triggers the recording session. The studio can be used for practicing presentations for class, conducting a mock job interview or creating a video for a flipped classroom. We wish to empower faculty and students to create their own high-quality online content without the need of assistance or intervention by staff.

FY2015 Projects

Georgia Dawgs' PAWS2 (Preparedness Around the World - Safety and Security)
Project Directors: Kavita Pandit and Yana Cornish
Office of International Education

Georgia Dawgs' PAWS2 proposed to redesign current pre-departure orientation activities for students traveling abroad on UGA programs from face-to-face, multi-hour, paper-heavy format involving several speakers from various parts of campus towards an online format of video vignettes, quizzes and forms, supplemented by a short, interactive face-to-face session. The content of the vignettes addresses health and safety abroad topics.

Video Series screenshot - What to Do in Case of Emergency Travel Checklist capture