Requesting Machine Captions in Kaltura

You can now request machine captioning for any video that is uploaded to Kaltura. Machine captions are generated by a computer and have an accuracy rate of 70-80% so they must be reviewed  and edited to ensure they are accurate. Machine captions are a great way to start when captioning a video. (Tutorial on using the captions editor in Kaltura)

To request machine captions in Kaltura:

1. Go to your course gallery and click on the video that you want to caption.  Note - if you do not see the course gallery, you may need to add it to your course navigation or as a widget

2. Click the Actions button, and click "Order Captions."

3. Click the Order Captions button.

4. If your order is processed, you will receive the following success message: "Thank you! Your caption request has been received. Captions will be automatically uploaded to your video upon completion."

Machine captions are usually completed in 15-20 minutes. If the system is processing a large number of requests, the processing can take up to five times the length of the video.  

Remember: machine captions are only 70-80% accurate, so once your captions are complete, please review and edit using the captions editor.

5. Once your captions are complete, you will see the CC icon on your video. To turn on the captions, click the CC icon and click English (or the appropriate language for the captions).