CTL Fellows for Innovative Teaching

2016 Topic:  SCALE-UP

Jon Amster, Chemistry
Brad Barnes, Computer Science
Mary Bedell, Genetics
Peggy Brickman, Plant Biology
Shu-Mei Chang, Plant Biology
Gary Douberly, Chemistry
Shelby Funk, Computer Science
Paula Lemons, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
David Nelson, Genetics
Chris Peterson, Plant Biology
Tina T. Salguero, Chemistry
Phillip Stancil, Physics and Astronomy

2015 Topic:  Flipping the Classroom

Norris Armstrong, Genetics
Nicholas Berente, Management Information Systems (co-participant with Mark Huber)
Charles Byrd, Germanic and Slavic Studies
Joel Caughran, Chemistry
Kara A. Dyckman, Psychology
Janet Frick, Psychology
Connie Marie Frigo, Music
April K. Galyardt, Educational Psychology
Andreas Handel, Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Mark Huber, Management Information Systems (co-participant with Nicholas Berente)
Rodney Mauricio, Genetics
Cory Momany, Pharmacy
Julie M. Moore, Infectious Diseases
Patricia Moore, Entomology
Diann Moorman, FHCE
Michele A Monteil, GRU-UGA Medical Partnership
Gregg Thomas Nagle, Cellular Biology
Maria Navarro,  Agriculture Leadership (ALEC)
Siddharth Savadatti, Engineering
Scott A. Shamp, New Media Institute / Journalism
Ajay Sharma, Veterinary Biosciences
Bjorn F. Stillon Southard, Communication Studies
Martina Sumner, Chemistry
Kacy Welsh, Psychology
Anne Marie Zimeri, Environmental Health