FLCs for 2008-2009

Globalizing the Curriculum: Trends, Driving Forces, Cross-Cultural Exchanges

Deborah Gonzalez
The numbers of international students and faculty at UGA are also on the rise, increasing the chances of cultural exchange throughout the university, Athens and surrounding communities. Are UGA students prepared to interact and thrive in this new community of diversity?

The goal of this FLC is to offer an opportunity for faculty to share their best practices, techniques and resources about how they make their curricula “global” in terms of preparing UGA students for the world within and beyond U.S. borders.

Digital Storytelling

David Noah
"The world is made of stories, not atoms."
The digital revolution is creating new ways to tell stories through the use of graphics, sound, music, animation, and interactivity. This FLC will explore the uses of digital storytelling in the classroom.

Emerging Technologies and Higher Education

David Noah
The digital revolution is not over. Blogs, Facebook, Second Life, YouTube, iTunesU—these new technologies and their uses are changing our culture and changing how we think about teaching and learning. The web, which has become so essential that we can scarcely imagine professional life without it, is changing from a place to get content to a platform for creating it.

Tapping into Our Interdisciplinary Qualitative Research Traditions

Judith Preissle
Learning about the world by listening, watching, asking questions, and collecting things seems simple and easy. Most of us who use and teach these qualitative research methods find them anything but ordinary. Join a group of us who want to share how these extraordinary approaches vary from field to field.

Integrated Course Design

Paul Quick
You can consider this FLC the course-design equivalent of  “This Old House,” “Extreme Makeover,” or  “Field of Dreams.”  If you build it right, will they learn more?.

Facilitating Critical Thinking in Large Lecture Classe

Kathrin Stanger-Hall
Many of our students enter the University with excellent memorization skills, but struggle with critical thinking and problem solving. Let's get our students' minds working in the lecture hall and aid them in making the transition to critical thinking.

Creating a Culture of Sustainable Water Use

Courtney Tobin, Leigh Askew
This Faculty Learning Community will discuss topics such as: the creation of a culture of students and faculty who think critically and holistically about long-term sustainable water use; the implications of changes in water resource management to various economic sectors of Georgia and beyond; and UGA’s potential role and responsibilities in response to the current water situation.