Awards, Funding, and Recognition

CTL offers technology grants initiatives funded by the Student Technology Fees as well as the Sarah H. Moss Fellowships to fund UGA Faculty for advanced studies at external institutions.

Learning Technologies Grants

The LTG program enhances teaching and learning at UGA through the effective use of media and information technology. This program supports both innovative explorations of new technology and thoughtful implementation of current applications.
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Sarah H. Moss Fellowships

Sarah Moss Fellowships for young faculty at University of Georgia provide funds for travel and related expenses for faculty pursuing advanced study in institutions of higher learning abroad and in the United States. The purpose of these fellowships is to provide a broad outlook and acquaintance with conditions and standards in other parts of the world.
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CTL recognizes faculty expertise and successful teaching with several honors and assists in preparation of faculty awards packet for numerous external awards.

The Center for Teaching and Learning is constantly searching for awards and fellowships to showcase the pedagogues at the University of Georgia. The University celebrates this spirit of teaching excellence with the prestigious Meigs Professorship and the Russell Award. Yet, faculty members should be aware of their eligibility for additional state, regional, and national awards.

CTL is excited to partner with faculty, departments, and deans in selecting and preparing nominees for these and other awards that would highlight the skills and talents of University faculty members.

CTL Thank-a-Teacher

Has a teacher enriched your life or lit a spark that made you excited to go to class? Is there a teaching assistant who changed the way you think about a discipline and inspired you to learn more? Is there a professor who made an extra effort to help you learn or whose passion for a subject has become your own? You are invited to let that teacher—and the University community—know about it. Filling out the form below will enable us to convey and acknowledge your appreciation of your teacher's work, dedication, and extra effort. Share a simple thanks or relate a short anecdote to let that teacher know what you valued and why it was important to you. Comments about current courses will be held until after the grading period for the class.

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Emerging Landscapes in SoTL Award

The Center for Teaching and Learning would like to recognize proposals to the College of Education’s Innovation in Teaching Conference that reflect promising ideas for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) studies. Eligible proposals can reflect anything from fully conducted research studies to ideas with strong potential for a SoTL study.
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UGA Teaching Academy

The University of Georgia Teaching Academy was established in the Fall of 1999 as a forum to discuss, celebrate and promote teaching excellence. This program is part of the Teaching Academy Campus Program initiated by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the American Association for Higher Education. In the Fall of 2000, 52 new members of the Inaugural Class of the Teaching Academy were inducted into membership and began discussing academy goals and possibilities for future initiatives. Since the founding of the UGA Teaching Academy, members have worked diligently to create a dynamic organization that reflects the unique needs of the University of Georgia campus—such efforts include the Teaching Academy Fellows Program and an annual Academic Affairs Faculty Symposium.

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University Awards

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State Teaching Awards

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Regional and National Teaching Awards

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