Teaching with Our Signatures: Cultivating Disciplinary Habits of Mind


MLC 213

Presenter: Nancy Chick, University of Calgary

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Fourteen years ago, Lee Shulman introduced the idea of “signature pedagogies,” or approaches to teaching that cultivate disciplinary habits of mind. This concept challenges us to ask some pointed questions:  how does the biologist, for example, teach so that her students experience thinking like a biologist and even doing biology?  How does the historian teach students to practice historical thinking?  How does the artist teach students to see the world through artists’ eyes?  What about the other disciplines?  And ultimately, why should the biologist, the historian, the artist, and the rest of us care?   This session will explore how a variety of disciplines have responded to the challenge, consider some of the criticisms that have emerged, and suggest potential avenues for exploring signature pedagogies moving forward.