Publishing SoTL: Towards a SoTL Writing Culture


MLC 372

Presenter: Nancy Chick, University of Calgary

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Event Type: New Faculty Workshops, Pedagogy & Practice Workshops, SoTL Workshops, Speaker Series, Special Events, TA Services and Programs

Many SoTL projects that would help us understand and improve learning and teaching sit in the files of teacher-scholars, without ever making it to the desktops of editors.  This premature endpoint can be attributed, in part, to systemic barriers (e.g., what "counts," dearth of time and resources), but not completely. Programs, scholarship, and other supports in SoTL are front-loaded: we regularly address the processes of designing SoTL projects, and are often careful to make these discussions relevant across disciplines. However, discussions of how to go public--other than the necessity to do so--are rare. Even more rare is the discussion of how to make this critical step accessible and meaningful to SoTL practitioners across the disciplines. What do SoTL publications look like? What are the expectations and possibilities for these publications? And why is this not already a regular part of SoTL conversations?