Improving Student Performance in Your Class: The Surprising Benefits of Open Educational Resources


MLC 275

Presenter: Eddie Watson and Nick Colvard

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Event Type: Open Education Resources, Pedagogy & Practice Workshops, Speaker Series

The most successful classroom instructors are on a continual search for new practices that will help their students be more successful in their courses. New large-scale research at several universities, including the University of Georgia, has shown that course grades increase and failure rates decrease in classes where faculty adopted Open Educational Resources (OERs - free textbooks that replace traditional commercial textbooks). This is likely the result of all students, regardless of socio-economic status, having access to course materials on the first day of class. It's a simple change in practice that has significant benefits for all students and their learning, especially students who are under-served and under-represented in higher education. This session will highlight this compelling research and provide participants with the insights needed to begin the process of finding and adopting OERs. Activities in this session will include opportunities for participants to locate OER options for courses they will be teaching in Spring 2018 semester. Course redesign strategies will also be detailed which will make the course transition from a paid, commercial textbook to a free, open source textbook easier and more systematic.