GRSC 7770 Instructor Workshop and Course Development Series II


MLC 372

Presenter: Zoe Morris

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Event Type: New Faculty Workshops, Pedagogy & Practice Workshops, TA Services and Programs

Workshop Goals

By the end of the two-part series, instructors* who support the training of new teacing and laboratory assistants at UGA, will be able to identify and implement critical learning outcomes for TAs and LAs that 1) address understanding and accessing of UGA teaching-related policies and resources, 2) teach general university teaching skills within a disciplinary context (e.g., lesson planning, providing effective student feedback, efficient grading, assessment development, communication skills), 3) introduce students to reflective and inclusve teaching practices, and 4) increase TA confidence in their teaching abilitiy. In the first day of the series, instructors along with CTL and Graduate School facilitators will discuss the purpose of GRSC 7770, identify general student learning outcomes, and share available resources. Instructors will brainstorm disciplinary specific requirements for their sections of GRSC 7770. In the second day of the series, instructos will have an opportunity to workshop the overall course structure including topics to be discussed, guest presenters, sequence of events, and specific course activities. A syllabus exchange is scheduled, for interested instructors, on Monday July 30th. 

Workshop Series 1

Wedesday June 13th, 9am to 12pm      MLC 372
Monday June 18th, 1pm to 3pm             MLC 372

Workshop Series 2

Thursday July 19th, 9am to 12pm        MLC 372
Monday July 23rd, 1pm to 3pm            MLC 372 

Syllabus Review and Exchange

Monday July 30th, 1pm to 3pm            MLC 372

*For those instructors and TAs who will be supported by a partial GRSC 7770 Assistantship from the Graduate School, attendance at one of the workshops series is mandatory. Please refer to your assistantship offer for details. For more information on the parial assistantships, please visit the CTL website at: