Regrading Quiz Questions

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In eLC, you can award points for an alternative answer(s) to a quiz question.

IMPORTANT: A common error is to change the actual question on the quiz. If you change the quiz question, it will not fix or regrade the existing attempts for that quiz, and it can alter the reporting for that quiz. To avoid these issues, follow the steps below if you need to regrade a quiz question.

To regrade a question:

  1. Click Tools ---> Quizzes in your course navigation.
  2. Locate the quiz and click the drop down arrow next to the quiz name.

  3. Click the Questions tab, and select "Update All Attempts."
    Screenshot showing the Questions tab for Grading a Quiz, and highlighting the
  4. Click the question you would like to regrade.
  5. Now you will choose how you want to regrade the question. You can give all attempts for this question a certain number of points (so everyone gets the same amount of points, regardless of their response), or you can specify that attempts with a specific answer will get a certain number of points (for example, everyone who answered "A" will get 1 point.)

    The top of the "Update All Attempts" page shows you which answer is currently marked correct, and how the class responded to the question.

    Screenshot showing the

    In this example, I want to change the correct answer from (3) Bulldog to (2) Corgi. So I choose to "Give attempts with answer (2) 1 point." Click Save to save this modification. At this point, I can also add another modification (for example, if I don't want anyone to get credit for choosing answer (3), I can also make a modification that "Gives attempts with answer (3) 0 points." This effectively changes the correct answer to the quiz question.
  6. Once you have saved a change, it will be recorded in the modifications log at the bottom of the screen.

    Screenshot of the modifications log showing the two saved changes to the grading of this question
  7. Remember: this does not change which answer is marked as correct in the quiz, this just changes the points assigned to specific answers. If you look at the student's quiz attempts after making these changes, the original correct answer will still show as correct, but the points granted will be updated. We recommend adding a comment to the question feedback to let students know that points are being granted for a different answer.

    Screenshot of the student's quiz attempt