Taking attendance with the eLC attendance tool

This tutorial will show you how to take attendance in the eLC Attendance Tool. (Note: before you take attendance, you must first create an attendance register. See this tutorial on setting up the attendance tool and creating attendance registers.)

To access the Attendance tool in eLC, click Course Admin and click Attendance under Learner Management.

Click the register for which you want to take attendance.

Select the session for which you would like to take attendance and click the pencil icon.

You can add attendance information in several different ways:

1)  You can update each student individually by changing their attendance status in the drop down. 

2) You can select a group of students by checking the boxes next to their names, and set them all to the same status by clicking Set Status at the top of the list.

3) You can set the entire class to the same status by clicking Set Status for All Users  at the top of the page. This can be useful if you only have a few students who are absent. You can set the entire class to Present, and then just change the status of the absent students.