Respondus Lockdown Browser for Faculty

Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) is a custom browser that “locks down” the testing environment in eLC and allows a quiz to be executed securely by restricting access to certain browser navigation capabilities. LDB replaces other browsers when students are taking a quiz or test in eLC.

*Note: LDB must be installed on the computer being used to take the quiz. LDB works much like a standard browser, but some options have been removed or work differently. When students use LDB to access a quiz or test, they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, access other applications, or close a quiz until it is submitted for grading. Also, quizzes and tests created for use with LDB are restricted from being accessed by other browsers.

If you would like to watch a tutorial on using Respondus Lockdown Browser, go to and select Desire2Learn demo and training video.

Why should an instructor use Respondus LDB for test administration?

How do I prepare a quiz for Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Video Tutorial: How to Configure a Quiz for Respondus Lockdown Browser



After you have created your quiz in eLC, execute the following steps to require a student to use LDB when taking the quiz:

  1. Using a standard browser, log in to eLC as an instructor.
  2. Select Tools ---> Quizzes.
  3. Click the "Lockdown Browser" link on the Manage Quizzes page.
  4. Identify the quiz, click dropdown arrow, and click Modify Settings.
  5. Check "Require Respondus Lockdown Browser for this exam." If you don't want to require Lockdown Browser for viewing quiz results and feedback, uncheck that option. You can also add a password to access the exam on this screen.
  6. Click Advanced Settings to see more options. In this example, I’m going to allow students to use an iPad to take the quiz, so I am going to check that option.​
  7. Once you’ve completed your configuration, click Save and Close.
  8. You’ll be taken back to your “Manage Quizzes” screen in eLC. Now, the quiz that you configured will say “Requires Respondus Lockdown Browser” after the quiz title. This is also visible to students.​
  9. If you need to modify your RLDB settings, click on the “Lockdown Browser” link to return to the Lockdown Browser configuration screen.

How will a student engage with Respondus LDB?

Students will have to install LDB on their computer for the initial use of the secure browser. See student instructions for installing Respondus Lockdown Browser.

What if a standard browser is used to attempt a Respondus LDB restricted quiz?

If the settings for a quiz require LockDown Browser to be used, the quiz cannot be accessed with a standard browser. If a student attempts to use a standard browser, a warning message will indicate that LDB is required for execution of the quiz and the Start Quiz! link will not be available.

Screenshot showing the Download link for Respondus LDB