Creating a Quiz Submission View

In eLC, you can allow your students to review their answers after a quiz has been submitted.  This is called a quiz submission view. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a submission view, and show you how students will access the view.

Create the submission view

Click Tools in your course navigation, and then click Quizzes.

Click the quiz you'd like to allow students to review. Then, click the Submission Views tab.

The default submission view allows students to see their score if the quiz has been graded. To create a view that also shows their answers, click Add Additional View.

Give the view a name. Then scroll down and under View Details, choose what you want them to see. 

Save the view. eLC will default to the most recently created view.

How do students access their answers?

NOTE: If you create the submission view before students take the quiz, and have set the quiz to be auto-graded, they will see the submission view as soon as they submit their quiz.

If you are manually grading the quiz, students will not see the submission view until you've graded the quiz attempt. Once you've graded it, students can access the submission view to review their answers. The quiz must be active for students to see their submissions; however, it can be closed (end date passed).

Once you have the view set up, students will need to go to Tools ——> Quizzes, and then click on the drop down arrow by the quiz. (The quiz will be listed in Past Quizzes if the end date has already passed.)

Then, students will click Submissions in the dropdown.

This will take students to a page with a list of quiz attempts (Attempt 1, Attempt 2, etc.). If they were allowed to take a quiz multiple times, they will see a link for each graded attempt. Students should click on the attempt link to view their quiz attempt.