eLC Announcements Tool

The Announcements tool is helpful for distributing announcements to your students, especially if they have set up notifications for your course.

To create an Announcement:

  1. Go to your course home page and locate the Announcements widget. 
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to Announcements and click New Announcement. Note that you can add file attachments and record one minute of audio to announcements. 
  3. Add the text of your announcement in the Text Editor.
  4. Configure the availability of the announcement. We recommend always adding an End Date to your announcement - this will prevent old announcements from being sent out when you copy content into new courses. 
  5. Add any attachments or release conditions. The Announcements settings can be configured to show a maximum number of announcements or remove old items. 
  6. Click Publish to publish your announcement on your course home page.