eLC My Home Page

In this tutorial, we will log into eLC and explore the features of the My Home page.

Logging into eLC

Go to elc.uga.edu and log in with your MyID and password. Note that the URL changes to uga.view.usg.edu. This address shows that eLC is the UGA instance of the Virtual Instruction Enterprise-Wide project at the University System of Georgia.  

My Home

When you first log in, you see the My Home page. The red bar across the top is called the Minibar and it will always be at the top of your screen.


The minibar includes global tools that apply across all of your courses. These include My Home, Select a Course Dropdown Menu, Pager/Email Alerts, News Item Alerts, Discussions Alerts, and your Account Settings.

My Home will always take you back to the My Home page.

Each box on My Home is called a widget. Some widgets can be collapsed to save screen space. The Announcements Widget shows announcements from the institution level. You can dismiss these from My Home. As long as they have not expired, you can see them again by clicking the drop down arrow next to “Announcements” and clicking “Go to Announcements.”

You can access your courses via the Select a Course drop-down menu in the Minibar, or the My Courses Widget.

The appearance of the My Courses widget depends on the number of courses in which you are enrolled. If you have fewer than 25 courses, your courses will be organized by Semester, Department, and Course. Each sorting level is collapsible, making it easy to hide courses from past semesters. If you have more than 25 courses, you will see the 10 most-recently accessed courses, plus you will have a search bar to search for your other courses.

You can type any part of a course name, or even leave the search blank to see all courses, then click the Search icon. If you have taught before, you may also see some of your courses have been migrated from old eLC. Migrated courses will appear in the Migrated Semester only. The migration process will continue through spring 2014.

Screenshot of select a course dropdownThe Select a Course drop-down menu allows you to search for your courses by name. The list automatically shows your courses alphabetically by course name. If you are enrolled in more than 25 courses, you can click the drop-down to reorder the list by Last Accessed. You can also click the pushpin icon to the right of a course name if you want that course to stay at the top of your course list.

The Account Settings drop down menu has a number of settings and preferences to improve your experience in eLC. These include uploading a profile picture in the Profile area, setting your online visibility when you are logged in, and setting up your notifications, pictured on the right.