Using Films on Demand in eLC

Films on Demand, provided through the UGA libraries, offers educational films in the arts & humanities, social sciences, business & economics, health & medicine, and science & mathematics as well as a collection of United Newsreels. You can now add videos from Films on Demand directly to your eLC course.

To add a video from Films on Demand:

Click Content in your course navigation.

Create a module, or click on an existing module.

Click New, and click "Create a File."

Enter a title for the page. Then, click the Insert Stuff button.

Click Films on Demand.

Screenshot of Films on Demand button

Search for your video in Films on Demand.

Once you've located a film you'd like to use, click "Embed." You'll see a preview of the video. Click "Insert" to add the video to your Content page.

Now, publish your content page as you normally would. Your students will be able to view the video from the content page you've created.