Exporting Your Gradebook to Submit Final Grades

UGA instructors of record must submit final grades using Athena.

You have two options for submitting final grades. You can manually enter each student's final grade, or you can import a CSV file that is formatted for the Registrar. These instructions step you through the process of exporting your grades from eLC and formatting the CSV file for import to the Registrar.

The Registrar requires that the grades must be in a specific format, called a CSV or comma-delimited file. CSV stands for comma separated values, and simply means that each piece of data for a record is set apart from the next by a comma. The registrar requires just two pieces of data for each student: Student ID Number (810 or 811 number), and Letter Grade. 

Not using the final adjusted or final calculated grade columns, but want to create a new column and manually enter final letter grades? See instructions on manually creating a final grade column.

Before You Export: Display Your Final Grade as a Letter

The grade scheme in your eLC course determines what symbol is used for a grade in the gradebook (percentage, letter, or a custom scheme). Before you export your grades for submission to the Registrar, your final grade must be displayed as a letter (A, B, C, D, F with plus or minus if desired). There are several default grade schemes in eLC that use letters. To see the existing grade schemes, click Grades in the course navigation, then click the Schemes tab. You'll see a list of available grade schemes. To preview a grade scheme, click on the scheme in the list.

If you need a different grade scheme, you will have to create a Custom scheme. See instructions on creating a custom grade scheme.

After you've found the right scheme, apply it to your Final Grade:

  1. Click Grades in your course navigation.
  2. On the Manage Grades screen, click the Final Adjusted Grade grade item. (If you don't have a Final Adjusted Grade, click Final Calculated Grade.)
  3. Under Grade Scheme dropdown, select the appropriate Grade Scheme that will display a letter grade.
  4. Click Save and Close.

Exporting Your Gradebook

Step One: Download your student data from eLC to aN EXCEL file

1. Click Grades in your course navigation.

2. Go to the Enter Grades screen. Click Export.

3. If your course is cross-listed or grouped (XLS or GP), you can export one section at a time, or export all students at once with a column for the section.  

Also, make sure the following options are selected:
            Key Field - Org Defined ID (this is the student's 810 or 811 number)
            Grade Values - Grade Scheme (this is the letter grade)

4. Under Choose Grades to Export, select Final Adjusted Grade. (If you don't have a Final Adjusted Grade, select Final Calculated Grade.)
5. Click Export to Excel.
6. Click the download link in the Export Grades pop up window.

Screenshot of download link;

7. Save the file to your computer.

Step Two: Edit the file for submission to the Registrar


1. Delete the header row at the top of the spreadsheet (this row just contains the titles of your two columns: OrgDefinedId, and Adjusted Final Grade or Calculated Final Grade Scheme Symbol.)
Screenshot of Header Row in spreadsheet

2. The CSV file you upload to the Registrar should contain only two columns: the student's 81x number (9 numbers), and your final letter grade (two characters: a capital letter with the addition of a + or - as you desire). These two columns should already be in your file - the OrgDefinedId (the student's 81x number) and your column that contains the final Letter Grade (Final Adjusted Grade Scheme Symbol or Final Calculated Grade Scheme Symbol). 

3. Save your file as a CSV (Comma delimited)  and name it something like finalgradesregistrar-14SP-99999.csv. Excel may ask you if you are sure you want to save your file in this format. If so, click Yes. It must be in CSV format to upload to Athena.

4. Your file is now ready to upload to Athena