Creating a New Widget

This tutorial will show you how to create a new widget in eLC.

1. Click Course Admin and click Widgets.

2. Locate the Blank Widget on the Custom Widget list, and click the Copy Icon to copy the widget.

Screenshot of Custom Widget List

3. Confirm that you want to copy the Blank Widget by clicking Yes.

Screenshot of Confirming a copy of the Blank Widget

4. Now you have Blank Widget - Copy in the Custom Widget List. You'll notice this widget has a pencil icon under the Actions list - this means you can edit it. Click the pencil to edit the widget.

5.Give your widget a new name. Click Save.

Screenshot of Editing New Widget

6. Click the Content tab to add content to your widget. Notice you can format text  and add images and links using the tool buttons on  the text editor. (If you'd like to add release conditions to the widget, click the Release Conditions tab. More information on Release conditions.)

Screenshot of adding new content to widget

7. Once you are finished adding content to your widget, click Save and Close. Now your widget is available to add to your homepage. See Modifying the course homepage for instructions on adding your widget.