Create a random quiz section

When creating a quiz in eLC, you can create a section that randomly selects questions from your Question Library. This ensures that each user will receive a unique set of questions.  To create a Random Section:

1. Go to your course navigation bar, and click Quizzes in the Tools dropdown. 
2. Click the quiz you want to edit.
3. Click on the Properties tab.
4.Click Add/Edit Questions.
5. Click "New" and choose "Random Section."

Screenshot of New button dropdown, with Random Section highlighted

6. Give the section a name, then click "Save" at the bottom of the screen. (Students will not see this name unless you select to make it visible.)

Screenshot of New Random Section creation screen.

7. Now click on the section you just created - it will be a purple folder.

Screenshot of Quiz editing screen, with arrow pointing to the new Random section

8. Click Import to add questions to the random section. Under "Source Section," choose the folder from which you want the questions to be pulled. If you want all the questions in the Question Library to be available for selection, choose "Collection Root."

Screenshot of choosing the Source Section for the Random Section

9. Now, select which questions you want to be available for the Random Section. If you want all of the questions in that folder to be available for random selection, check the box at the top of the question list. Click Save.

Screenshot of list of questions for Random Section

10. On the next screen, enter how many questions you want randomly selected for that section in the "Questions Per Attempt" box.  Click Save, and then click Done Editing Questions.

Screenshot of saving the section

11. Now you will see your Random Section. Instead of seeing actual quiz questions, you'll see Q1. Random Question, Q2. Random Question.

Screenshot of Random Section question list